The Sandwich Shop – 540.370.4106

Kitchen Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Sample Menu – Order Here

Classic Sandwiches w/ superior ingredients

French Dip                                                      12

Local Top Round, swiss and onions w/ Juice.

Meatball                                                         12

House made Meatballs from the butcher shop with our house Marinara and provolone!

Sausage & Peppers                                         10

Daily variety of Sausages from the butcher shop with peppers and onions and house LP Aioli.

Cheese Burger (single or double)                   8,12

Ground daily by the butcher with our house Pimento Cheese, Butcher Sauce and LTO.

Cheese Steak                                                  12

Local Sirloin with local, Uncle June’s sauce and house made Beer Cheese!

Pesto Chicken                                                 12

B&E chicken breast w/ house Pesto Aioli and white American, arugula and T on ciabatta or as a salad.

Turkey Club                                                     12

Simplicity smoked turkey, Nueske’s bacon, American, LTOM on marbled rye – or as a salad.

Chicken Salad                                                  10

B&E chicken breast and the right amount of the other stuff on marbled rye, LT – or as a salad.

Chicken Wrap                                                 5

¼ # B&E Chicken Breast, blackened or Pesto, w/Aioli

BLT                                                                  10

Nueske’s bacon, house avocado aioli, fresh tomatoes on sour dough – or as a salad.

Hot Dog, Double Dog, Chili Dog                     5,8,7

Simplicity all beef franks, house chili, shredded sharp cheddar.

Grilled Cheese                                                 7

Sour dough and a bunch of cheeses.