Q: I don’t see what I want in the Online Ordering Menu. Do you have other cuts?

A: We have almost every cut possible because we are whole animal butchers. Online ordering is limited to those cuts that we feel can be “promised” to those that require delivery. Give us a call or stop in for anything else! Thanks!

Q: Why don’t you deliver on the Weekends or Holidays?

A: We are very busy serving our walk-in customers and don’t currently have the capacity to cut and package for our delivery customers on those days.

Q: Do you offer discounts on orders?

A: We do not discount any of our meats because we already offer the best price we can.

Q: Can you fill large orders?

A: Absolutely. Just give us a few days notice. Remember that we need to get in fresh products from the farms before they go to you and we don’t keep a frozen, backup supply.

Q: Why don’t you sell “Organic” meats?

A: “Organic” certification takes a long time and costs a lot of money. Most small, local farms can’t afford this. However, our farmers are very conscientious about raising animals naturally and chemical free.

Q: Your brown butcher paper was stuck to my meat when I opened it. Is it OK?

A: It is just fine. We use very minimally processed products when wrapping your food and the paper is not treated with plastics like other butcher paper. However, if you plan to freeze anything or hold it in the fridge for long we will be happy to wrap it differently for you.