I got a text from my friend Dan couple of weeks ago because he and his 8 year old son were betting how much bacon comes from a pig, and he figured I, as a butcher shop owner, could give him a quick and easy answer.  Of course, I responded with, “well, that depends on how big the pig is!”  The real answer is that the Yorkshire pigs that give us our house bacon yield about 10 pounds on average.

However, this led us to a discussion on a pigs “cheeks”.  No, not the two sides of his jaw.  He was referring to the pigs rear end, tushy, derriere, or what he thought, the butt.  Well folks, the cut of pork called the “butt” is from the other end of the animal.  It is the top of the front shoulder!  So, why is it called the butt, you ask?  It’s because meat packers in New England used to pack this less desirable cut of pork in barrels called “butts”.  And, today we call it a Boston Butt!

Give us a call and reserve your butt today!  Of course, ours are local – not from Boston!

Quick and easy cooking guide: Rub it with whatever you like – or don’t. Smoke it at 225-235 degrees until internal temperature reaches 200 degrees. Wrap it up in foil and a towel (so it cools slowly) and let it rest an hour or two before pulling it. You should be able to lift the bone right out of it!

Feel free to comment with your own favorite rub or cooking secrets!

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